One software platform at the center of global trade management.

Manage complex international supply chains from first mile to last mile with Centrade.

A cloud-based platform built for the future of global trade.

With nearly 50 years of supply chain innovation, Centrade is a global trade management software delivering unprecedented visibility, real-time collaboration, and advanced analytics of your supply chain. Ideal for shippers, carriers, brokers, forwarders, and logistics service providers, the Centrade platform powers global supply chains for the 21st Century. 

Secure, Cloud-Based Network

Centrade unites your supply chain partners and suppliers into a single, unified portal, where all parties work from a single, centralized source of truth.

Complete Supply Chain Visibility

Centrade’s digital control tower enables real-time, SKU-level tracking of your shipments — through your supply chain’s first mile, last mile, and everything in between.

Advanced Analytics & Usable Insights

Centrade applications deliver powerful operational analytics that provide continuous optimization of supply chain speed and accuracy, vendor compliance, and financial performance.


The Power of Centrade

Power ahead of your competition with Centrade, the first cloud-based platform built to transform global trade operations for emerging and middle-market enterprises. Upgrading to Centrade's automated, digital workflow eliminates archaic methods like updating spreadsheets, back-and-forth emails, and paper-based processes — all of which can create costly delays and more wasted time for your team.

Go digital.

Leverage Centrade's digital platform for true collaboration, built to adapt to complex supply chain challenges.

Get connected.

Access your global supply chain operations in one place and bring your supply chain partners to a single source of truth.

Gain control.

Integrate seamlessly with current systems to leverage existing data and automation to improve your supply chain.

Don't just manage the complexities of global trade, master them.

Single, digital control tower

U.S. Customs documentation storage

End-to-end and SKU-level visibility

Messaging and exception alerting

Carrier agnostic software

Access to analytics and reporting

ERP integration and RESTful API

Cloud-based applications

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