Seamless Collaboration With Supply Chain Partners

Increase agility and reduce supply chain disruptions by bringing your vendors into one connected network.

Vendor Management & Compliance With Centrade Tradekey™.

Through collaborative pick-and-pack and sophisticated vendor and compliance management features, Tradekey™ delivers extensive commercial alignment and integration with global suppliers to streamline your supply chain.

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Vendor Management Made Easy

Having constant, fast access to vendor information is critical. With Centrade Tradekey™, easily manage and unite all partners into one collaborative and responsive portal. Centralize your operations, maintain your vendors, and integrate with global suppliers with one touchpoint – removing the need to log in to multiple sites and portals to receive vendor information.

Critical Compliance Solutions for Best Business Practices

Centrade Tradekey™ makes it easy to outline how you want to do business with trading partners. Directly upload your regulatory compliance documents — from routing guides, packaging requirements, and factory and labor guidelines — so your vendors can adhere to your compliance standards. 

Take Control & Simplify Purchase Order Management

Electronic pick-and-pack capabilities tie each purchase order to the correct shipment and container, delivering sophisticated visibility and vendor management practices.

Intuitively tag and find documents within the self-serving Centrade portal to avoid hours of searching and collecting documents for more efficient vendor management.

Monitor the performance of supply chain and global trade partners to uncover powerful insights and uphold ethical standards with Tradekey™'s compliance features.


Our customers use Centrade to see deeper into their global trade operations and improve their supply chain management. Join them today and see what powerful supply chain software can do for you.