Simplify Purchase Order Management

Manage your purchase orders and collaborate with all of your trading partners in one vendor portal.

PO Management Made Easy With Centrade Orderchain™

Managing purchase orders with Centrade Orderchain™ generates SKU-level visibility across every order, so you can see your items in every container, allowing your business to easily prioritize shipments amid exceptions. 

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Advanced PO Management for Better Decision Making.

Centrade Orderchain™’s purchase order management capabilities unlock visibility of your items in every container — ideal for retailers of consumer packaged goods who need to ship many items at once. Orderchain™ displays which containers have what in them so you’ll always have increased visibility and transparency of your supply chain to drive meaningful decision making.

Exercise Increased Accountability to Partners.

Paired with Centrade Tradekey™, Centrade Oderchain™ allows users to host a record of what’s outstanding (what has or hasn’t shipped) in their supply chain. This feature provides businesses with the ability to plan how much they can spend, have more efficient PO management processes, and hold carriers accountable for delayed dispatches or arrivals. 

PO Management for
Increased Business Results.

With electronic purchase order information, easily prioritize shipments to meet business needs for enhanced supply chain management.

Keep inventories replenished based on insightful and informative purchase order data at your fingertips.

Leverage Orderchain's granular-level visibility to keep shipments moving, reduce deductions, and enable payments to happen faster — saving your business time and money.


Our customers use Centrade to see deeper into their supply chains and improve their global trade operations. Join them today and see what powerful supply chain software can do for you.