Decades of Making Global Trade Easy

With decades of supply chain innovation, Centrade can streamline your work processes and centrally manage all facets of your global trade operations.

Built & Powered to Work for You – Not Against You.

A cloud-based powerhouse designed by logistics experts with decades of experience solving supply chain problems. Centrade works to revolutionize the supply chains of emerging and middle-market enterprises with a single, centralized platform.

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supply chains since the
floppy disk.

Centrade is a global trade management software built by logistics experts who have been working with data and solving supply chain problems since the era of the floppy disk – literally.

Centrade’s story begins in 1973 as software company International Software Associates (ISA). Our roots trace back to partnering with a Minneapolis air freight forwarder where we conducted a software logistics project with mainframe computer manufacturers.

From this modest start, we collectively evolved into a powerful, flexible global trade management software that offers unparalleled control and visibility over supply chain processes.

Today, Centrade is one of the first cloud-based and carrier agnostic supply chain technologies worldwide, offering next-generation supply chain visibility, collaboration, and advanced analytics.



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Our customers use Centrade to see deeper into their supply chains and improve their global trade operations. Join them today and see what powerful supply chain software can do for you.