Supply Chain Visibility at Your Fingertips

Reduce costs and gain control of your global trade operations with end-to-end, real-time visibility.

Improve Supply Chain Visibility With Centrade ShipLens™.

Unlock enhanced tracking and visibility of your supply chain, accompanied by collaborative sharing of all documentation, intuitive internal messaging and notifications, and increased accountability with shipment history records. 

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Acquire Control & Accountability With Enhanced Supply Chain Visibility.

Centrade ShipLens™ delivers overarching visibility of your shipments, from origin to destination — including dates, locations, and statuses. The application also keeps a record of shipment history, so you can have increased accountability to the carriers you work with for better supply chain management.

Collaborative Document Management for Smoother Workflows.

The Centrade ShipLens™ portal hosts all supply chain and U.S. Customs documentation — from Bill of Lading and Packing Lists to Certificates of Origins and Arrival Notices. No need to sift through emails or spend hours on the phone searching for documents. We store everything you need for a stronger workflow and increased supply chain visibility.

Effortlessly Communicate With Intuitive Internal Messaging.

All messaging with partners can be performed internally through Centrade ShipLens™, so scattered emailing to locate shipments can be a practice of the past for your business. With exception alerting and notifications, your business can effortlessly communicate with partners regarding your documents and shipments, further exercising supply chain visibility and transparency.

A Centralized, Collaborative, & Carrier Agnostic Platform.

Centralized document storage for easy work processes, enhanced communication, and increased supply chain visibility.

Collaborative portal enables users to instantly share, locate, and collect documents to painlessly pass through U.S. Customs — reducing fees and saving time.  

Carrier agnostic platform that allows users to access all of their supply chain operations in one place, rather than having to log into multiple carrier sites.

Confidently make critical decisions and adjustments at a moment's notice to mitigate disruptions and keep goods flowing.


Our customers use Centrade to see deeper into their supply chains and improve their global trade operations. Join them today and see what powerful supply chain software can do for you.