Advanced Data and Analytics for an Improved Supply Chain

The Centrade-powered platform yields usable analytics to improve supply chain operations and drive profitability.

Procure usable data and analytics with Centrade Advanced Analytics™.

Leverage the power of data and analytics to make informed decisions about your supply chain’s operations.

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Supply Chain Analytics to Improve Performance

Centrade Advanced Analytics™ provides powerful operational analytics intended to improve supply chain performance. From 
on-the-water inventory reports and Landed cost per unit to carrier and forwarder performances, you can continuously optimize and adapt your supply chain so that it meets today’s demanding market needs. 

Usable Data for Informed Decision Making

With Centrade’s Sisense data features, easily aggregate your supply chain data to display what you want, when you want — with the click of a few buttons. Centrade displays specific data about the vendors and carriers you work with, as well as different modes of transportation and shipping routes so your business can make educated decisions on how to maximize supply chain performance. 

Close the Gaps with Business Intelligence

Make data-driven decisions to reduce risk, increase accuracy, and identify vulnerabilities in your supply chain process  

Utilize trusted data to uncover patterns and actionable insights for a strong, agile supply chain   

Customize your data display to analyze the information that will best inform you of your supply chain's operations and provide actionable intelligence  


Our customers use Centrade to see deeper into their supply chains and improve their logistics management. Join them today and see what powerful supply chain and logistics software can do for you.