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Making Waves: How Centrade’s Carrier Agnostic Software Will Propel Your Business Forward

With the supply chain and logistics landscape rapidly changing, it’s important now more than ever to have granular-level visibility of your supply chain and a comprehensive software platform to monitor and prioritize all your shipments. Nowadays, emerging and middle-market businesses can’t afford to use outdated, detached methods to track and trace shipments. Consequently, logging in to multiple carrier portals to access information about your supply chain is time-consuming, highly inefficient, and can result in unnecessary costs.

That’s where we come in. Above all, with a supply chain powered by Centrade you’ll have access to a single digital control tower that is carrier agnostic – a highly unique feature for a software company serving shippers and importers worldwide. This feature allows our software to unite more than 20 global trading partners, vendors, and shipping lines that your supply chain needs in one digital platform, which puts us up to par with the world’s largest supply chain software providers and propels your business forward.

In short, Centrade is a carrier agnostic, global trade management software that gives you the tools to track shipments using any carrier you choose and receive real-time data from a single access point.

How Centrade’s Carrier Agnostic Software Works

With our multi-carrier capability, Centrade seamlessly integrates your supply chain stakeholders and shipment touchpoints into the same digital ecosystem. This multifaceted capability allows your business to see purchase orders and goods during your supply chain’s first mile, last mile, and everything in between. If you’re shipping with multiple carriers (which you likely are), you won’t have to worry about logging into multiple carrier portals to receive information on your goods – it’s all right here in the Centrade powered software. You also won’t have to worry about who your ocean and air carriers are – we have you covered.

Having one central touchpoint for transportation managers and shippers can save you and your team hours of work, so you can spend time prioritizing inventory and on other work processes. Further, it will streamline your supply chain so you can receive shipments faster, monitor your schedule more efficiently, avoid unnecessary fees and reduce costs, accelerate workflows, and respond quickly to any changes (such as a ship blocking the width of a very important trade canal). To sum it up, avoid wasting time, manpower, resources, and money in an effort to track and trace in multiple carrier systems. Such outdated and monotonous tasks can now become a practice of the past with Centrade’s carrier agnostic platform.

Moreover, we’ll work with you and your team to integrate all the trading partners you’re connected with. Upon scheduling a demo with our Centrade team, we’ll get to know who and what your team needs in your Centrade portal to get the job done. It’s on us.

At Centrade, we provide high-quality supply chain software to move all freight to the center of your world. To learn more about how we can make waves for your business, contact us today >Most importantly


Our customers use Centrade to see deeper into their supply chains and improve their logistics management. Join them today and see what powerful supply chain and logistics software can do for you.