How to Gain a Supply Chain Competitive Advantage


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Digital Solutions for Your Global Supply Chain

This past year for supply chains worldwide was truly unprecedented. A global pandemic caused significant disruptions while creating congestion and tsunami-like import surges at major trade hubs — something that industry experts have never experienced before. In addition, a single cargo ship halted travel through the Suez Canal – one of the most heavily used trade canals in the world – producing a lasting ripple effect of challenges in global trade. As global supply chains become increasingly complex and the industry more aggressive, room for error is quickly shrinking.

Companies can stay ahead of the competition with Centrade, a digital solution that reshapes processes through automation, predictive data analytics, and end-to-end transparency.

Using Technology to Advance Your Supply Chain

With the demands of the supply chain industry continuing to surge, it’s crucial to have complete control and visibility of your supply chain. Minor missteps and miscalculations can increase the existing stress in supply chains, and relying on manual methods like email, spreadsheets, and paper documents is no longer adequate to remain competitive and keep up with market needs.

Companies must adopt a more productive, forward-thinking approach to continue to advance in global trade. In doing so, you can mitigate risk, increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and everyone’s favorite – keep customers happy.

Make Centrade Your Supply Chain Competitive Advantage

Centrade’s data-driven software can optimize your operations and transform your supply chain into a competitive advantage with these 7 benefits:

  • Eliminate supply chain inefficiencies with one digital platform: Centrade provides everything you need in a single, consolidated dashboard for the entire import and export process. Tracking and tracing cross-border shipments, cloud-based document storage and sharing, advanced data reporting, and analytics to improve supply chain operations are all at your fingertips with Centrade.

  • Gain control with end-to-end visibility: Centrade delivers end-to-end supply chain visibility, from purchase order to last-mile delivery. With granular, SKU-level visibility of your shipments, you can make well-informed decisions faster and easier. Employing a proactive approach to your workflows will cultivate increased productivity for your team and provide greater control over your supply chain processes.

  • Easily collaborate and connect with your team and trade partners: Built on the premise of communication and collaboration, you can instantly notify and engage with your supply chain team, partners, and customers in a central digital platform. Whether transporting goods by land, ocean, or air, Centrade’s carrier agnostic feature eliminates the need to check multiple carrier portals for each shipment with one secure login. Discover more about how our unique carrier agnostic feature can propel your business forward. >

  • Enhance customer relationships with access to new revenue streams and cloud-based applications: The Centrade applications can provide clients with better control and visibility of their P.O. management and commercial invoice lifecycle through shared shipment visibility, document management, and supplier collaboration and compliance. These applications allow for improved client relationships and in-depth knowledge of your supply chain. Learn more about each of Centrade’s cloud-based applications. >

  • Synchronize your supply chain network with ERP integration tools, global implementation, and RESTful API: Our integration tools allow diverse enterprise systems to interact with your Centrade supply chain network, enhancing the value of other external software investments.

  • Simplify global trade management and enhance your decision-making with advanced analytics: Centrade delivers data – such as on-the-water inventory and landed cost per unit – that helps identify and predict problems with your supply chain, as well as customized reporting to unlock actionable insights to drive meaningful decision-making.

  • Leverage decades of logistics and supply chain problem-solving: Developed by logistics experts with nearly 50 years of supply chain experience, Centrade is built to work for you – not against you. Centrade prioritizes the supply chain necessities of emerging and middle-market enterprises because the platform was engineered by professionals who understand the complexities of global supply chains.

A Supply Chain Competitive Advantage Can Now be a Reality

To keep up with the demands of the supply chain industry, companies will have to prioritize AI tools like Centrade. Built for complex global supply chains delivering real-time data and connectivity, Centrade is a unique global trade management software. With a technology-powered supply chain, companies can stay competitive, transform workflows, mitigate risk, proactively manage inventory, increase customer satisfaction and ROI, and speak the language of today’s demanding marketplace.

To experience how Centrade can adapt your business to the ever-changing demands of the supply chain industry, request a demo today!


Our customers use Centrade to see deeper into their supply chains and improve their logistics management. Join them today and see what powerful supply chain and logistics software can do for you.